Juliana Henges, YetPet

“Yes, they delivered everything they promised in the 2 sprints combined. I confess that I did not think it was possible ...

Aioria was the 4th company that I hired to try to develop YetPet. Before them, I spent more than a year and a half investing my time and my money without being able to have a functional product. I did not want to give up on my idea, but it seemed like everything was against myself.

Before developing with them, I contacted Pedro first and then met the team. This contact generated an incredible exchange of experiences in the universe of startups, they helped me to have a market vision that literally saved my project.“

Eduardo Salles, Joyz

“Being objective and direct: working with Aioria saved me. For two years I had a project with less than a thousand users, spending a lot of money into software and marketing constantly.

When I met them, I first got a shock of reality, they were not there to waste my time, or theirs, they did not have concerns analyzing the situation of my startup. I digested the various truths they exposed me, and I decided to work with them.

The result is that today I have a product that is passing from half a million downloads with organic growth of users, which only evolved according to real needs and cost me a fraction of what I had already spent to develop the previous project. Not to mention that I have not invested in marketing yet, that stage is about to come.

Today we are partners and we are working to receive the second round of investment.

In addition of being a satisfied customer, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with them.”

Rodrigo, 123 Hotel

"This project is my third experience with startups, and in three weeks the product was better and more ready to have real users than in 2 years from other projects.

As soon as it was ready, I was a bit scary by the feeling that now it was all with me ... I no longer had to spend half my time arguing to adjust the product with developers and to create solutions or fix bugs, nothing.

The tool was better than I had in mind when we created the project. After the release, the success of my company depended only on me and I had the right tool on my hands to make that happen."

Pedro Sancha, Weburn Play

“I believe that without Aioria, Weburn would not be where it is now.

We were driven through the entire product design process, reviewing concepts in which we had the wrong view and learning how to best build a platform focused on solutions for customers. After we agreed on the concept and priorities to be implemented, in 2 weeks we already had the first version working.”