The virtual lawyer Tomaz helps passengers to sue the flight companies from their smartphone in less than 5 minutes.

App challenges airlines to improve their services by facilitating access to justice for passengers.

Have you ever considered filing a lawsuit with a few clicks on your smartphone when your rights are disregarded by an airline?

This is precisely the proposal of Tomaz, an application recently launched by Amaral and Cunha lawers, designed by Aioria software House. With a proposal to de-bureaucratize access to justice and innovate in how it relates with its clients, Tomaz, a virtual lawyer helps you minimize the time and effort required to create a successful lawsuit – in fact, a few months, Tomaz has already helped more than 800 passengers to plead approximately R $ 3,000,000 in damages.

“We want to teach our clients that the experience of dealing with a lawyer and getting justice does not have to be complicated in cases of low complexity. Everything can be fast, convenient and at no cost in advance. We believe that in very simple lawsuits the traditional legal practice, with all its formalism, ends up driving the citizen away from the law. “