Nu Fitness

A mobile platform that allows you to work out with a real personal trainer without leaving your home or work. The application, which gives the user personalized training, developed according to the particularities of each student by a designated trainer, was developed by Aioria Software House.

The first leap of faith of the project is to believe that people want to work out with a personal trainer, but they do not want / can afford the price it costs one. At the same time, a personal trainer has limited hours and cannot get very high pay. There is a gap in this scenario that the app wants to explore. This phenomenon happens especially in cities like New York, where the app will be released.

Users can outline their training goals and choose one of the platform trainers that best fit their goals.

From there, each user starts receiving daily trainings and can keep in touch with the instructor through an exclusive chat, and follow their progress through a photo album.

“The differential of the project is to have a follow-up of a real coach, who assists the student daily. The application works with a monthly subscription and the values ​​are defined by the trainers themselves “, explains Ricardo Utz, designer UX of Aioria and one of the responsible for the project.

Also according to Utz, there are two interfaces: one for the user, in which it is possible to visualize the workouts and an evolution album, and another for the trainer, who can create and set up his exercises library and send it to the students.