123 Hotel

App arrives to ensure last-minute bookings with attractive prices in high-end hotels

Startup wants to change the consumption profile of short-term stays.

Making life easier for those who travel, forgeting about pre-booking hotels and offering great lodging options at attractive rates. This is the 123Hotel’s Leap of Faith, an application that has just launched in southern Brazil for hypothesis testing, with investors from Rio Grande do Sul.

¬†“With an easy-to-use app, our plan is to put on a model that has been around for a long time abroad, but never really caught up in Brazil: last minute hotel reservations for short-term stays,” says Rodrigo Vasconcellos, one of the founders.

To do so, he points out that the strategy is to offer offers with discounts of 20% to 70% in daily prices for users who wish to book a hotel for the same day, with a stay of a maximum of one night.

The goal of the platform, in addition to the attractive prices for the end user, is to offer hotels an alternative to reduce the number of empty rooms during the year.